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Microsoft not interested in 7-inch tablets

by on30 October 2012

Can’t fit a blue screen apparently

As usual, Redmond is late to the party. The Surface RT is finally out, but Apple has been in the tablet game for two and a half years, and Android partners are not that far behind.

Apple recently launched a 7.9-inch tablet, while Google returned that favor by introducing a 10-incher, hoping to invade Apple’s home turf. However, Microsoft does not think that there is a need for smaller tablet form factors and it plans to keep Surface tablets in the 10+ inch space.

In an interview with Wired, Microsoft exec Tami Reller said the company is currently focusing on 10.1-inch and larger tablets. Reller said Microsoft has no plans to enter the 7-inch tablet market in the current launch timeframe. However, this does not mean Microsoft will not roll out a 7-inch tablet in the future. We can think of at least one company that said it would never build a 7-inch tablet, right before it launched one.

We can’t say we are surprised by Microsoft’s position on 7-inch tablets. With the iPad mini, Nexus 7, along with Amazon and Barns & Noble tablets, it’s a very crowded market and Microsoft is probably better off focusing on bigger tablets with physical keyboards and the enterprise market.

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