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EA admits Warfighter performance weak

by on31 October 2012

Will pump more into marketing it over the holidays

In the Electronic Arts investors call, EA admitted that Q3 would be soft due to Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s weaker than expected performance. The reception of the title fell far below expectations.

Still, EA feels that Warfighter is a good game with a receptive audience, and the company is going to pump more money into marketing the title over the holidays in hopes that sales of the title will pick up as more people play the game.

While EA didn’t speak to the future of the Medal of Honor franchise, it would seem that despite EA’s best efforts the franchise is failing to find an audience; which is very sad considering the history the franchise has had. Sources tell us that we should not be surprised to see Warfighter developer Danger Close be moved onto a new project or franchise going forward. Of course, that is still a rumor at the point it is no longer a rumor, if you know what we mean.

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