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NFS: Most Wanted’s Online Pass is different

by on31 October 2012

No multiplayer lockout, instead no Speed Points

Leave it to Electronic Arts and developer Criterion to come up with something new for how the Online Pass to the just-released Need For Speed: Most Wanted works. While the title comes with the Online Pass that EA is famous for pioneering, instead of locking players out of the multiplayer mode, the title allows multiplayer access, but does not allow players without the Online Pass to accumulate Speed Points during multiplayer sessions.

As with all EA games these days, new copies of the game come with the Online Pass at no charge, but those buying used games who want to earn Speed Points during multiplayer sessions will have to fork over $10 to buy the Online Pass.

The reason players want the Speed Points is because they are used to unlock cars in the multiplayer mode. Speed Points that are received during multiplayer sessions also are combined with those from the single player mode to help players work their way up the “Most Wanted” list.

This isn’t the first time that EA has experimented with altering the functionality of the Online Pass. Previously, EA used a similar tactic with the release of SSX; where players without the Online Pass could not earn credits in the multiplayer mode. In the case of some titles, this does appear to be a more logical approach rather than locking players out of online play altogether without an Online Pass.

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