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We are living in a post Windows world

by on31 October 2012

Canalys says the sea change has happened

Market research firm Canalys boss Steve Brazier claims that the days of Windows have past. Brazier thinks that tablets and smartphones formed part of the intelligent devices landscape together with traditional computing devices such as desktops, notebooks and ultrabooks.

Speaking to the Canalys Channels Forum Brazier did admit for a post  Windows world there seems to be a lot of the OS about. He said that the OS accounts for 72 percent of the traditional PC market, which comprises desktops, notebooks and netbooks. Other operating systems make up the remaining 28 percent. But in the intelligent devices market where other OSes such as Google Android and Apple iOS dominate with 68 percent, while Windows took 32 percent.

So in other words if you look at something where Windows was never a big player then everything changes. By that logic, my fridge does not run on Windows at all, so therefore we are already living in a post-windows world QED? Brazier acknowledged his vision did not take into account  Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 might actually take off.

According to ZDNet, Tim Coulling, analyst for the client PC market at Canalys, said that  Microsoft had not dented on the smartphone market since the launch of its Windows Phone operating system in late-2010. Meanwhile the PC market has been on a negative growth spiral. Even Asia-Pacific saw its third-quarter shipment dip 4.2 percent to 34.2 million, from 35.7 million units in the same quarter last year.

However for the last year or so the world has also been gripped in the middle of an economic slump which for some reason economic experts seem to ignore.  The mobile boom has also only been good for Apple and Samsung and is still a tiny part of the over all IT spend. Jury is still out for us.

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