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iPad Mini dissected

by on02 November 2012

Samsung screen, stereo speakers and A5 CPU

As expected, iFixit managed to get their hands on the iPad Mini and tore it apart to show us the Samsung-made screen, stereo speakers and dual-core A5 chip housed inside Apple's latest iPad.

It appears that Apple and Samsung buried their hatchets deep enough for Samsung to provide those 1024x768 LCD screens to Apple, at least for this sample. As you may already know, there have been reports that both Samsung and Sharp have been supplying panels for iPad mini. teardown also managed to confirm the stereo speakers, crushing recent Amazon advert, and show us that A5 processor inside it. also noted that damaged display can be easily fixed since it is not fixed to the glass, other components are soldered together, so no luck if something else breaks in there.

You can check out the full teardown here.

ipadmini teardown 1

ipadmini teardown 2

ipadmini teardown 3

Last modified on 02 November 2012
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