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Unlocked iPhone 5 prices leaked

by on06 November 2012


Cupertino has inadvertently let slip unlocked iPhone 5 pricing. Although most consumers tend to get their iPhone upgrade through carriers, unlocked phones are still a good choice for frequent travelers or just about anyone who does not want to be tied down with a two-year contract.

The entry level unlocked iPhone 5 is priced at $649, while the 64GB version is priced at $849. Pretty steep, in keeping with Apple tradition.

Comparisons with the Nexus 4 are inevitable, as Google’s latest vanilla Android phone sells for $299 and $349, although the latter is a fair match, as it has 16GB of storage like the cheapest iPhone 5.

Sadly, carriers have already spread their slimy tentacles across the market, offering subsidized phones at little to no cost, unless you factor in the full two-year cost, of course. We believe there is still a market for unlocked phones, but they are not for everyone. 

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