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Hacker takes down Chile?s government

by on12 May 2008


Posts data from six million people

A Hacker broke into Chile's government sites, nicked personal data from six million people which he then posted on the Internet on two popular servers for several hours.

According to El Mercurio the personal data included names, street and email addresses, telephone numbers, social and educational backgrounds. The hacker had data mined details from the Education Ministry, Electoral Service and state-run telephone companies' websites.

Coppers are investigating, but the data was also copied by tech Website "FayerWayer" and community Website "ElAntro." The hacker claimed that his motivation was to prove that the government’s security was pants. However, he could have just given a few token examples, handing six million people’s personal details to the Nigerian spammers seems a bit harsh.

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Last modified on 12 May 2008
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