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Foxconn plans US plant

by on09 November 2012


Foxconn is reportedly planning to build its first plant in the US. According to Digitimes, Foxconn is considering Los Angeles and Detroit as prospective locations and the latter could surely do with a few extra jobs.

In fact, Detroit’s population has almost halved since the seventies and it is currently the lowest in a hundred years. We are guessing it had something to do with American consumers buying Japanese cars following the 1973 oil crisis. [Thanks for the history lesson, now get on with it. Ed]

However, we probably won’t see iPhones rolling off the assembly lines in Detroit. The new plant will churn out television sets instead. Then again, Apple is said to be working on a smart TV, so there’s a chance we could see them instead.

Designed in California, built in Detroit. It would make for a very good advertisement.

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