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Black Ops 2 Street date broken

by on12 November 2012

Not really surprising these days

We have talked about retailers breaking street dates before, and it really comes as little surprise that we have received a number reports that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 appears to be popping up as available from a number of sources.

We have sources reporting from North America, Europe and Asia that they have been able to obtain Black Ops 2 early.  In the case of Simply Games, the retailer apparently just delivered all copies of Black Ops 2 three days ahead of the global release. In fact, it was telling potential customers on its Facebook page that they could order it today and have it tomorrow; but that since has been removed.

We have told you before about independent retailers who have played it “fast and loose” with street dates in order to gain pre-orders and keep customers from shopping with the big boys. The reality is (as we saw with Halo 4) the publishers don’t like it and will act on reports of retailers breaking the street dates.

We are not sure what Activision might be up to as far as dealing with this, but you can bet that they will address the issue.  It is hard to say if that is going to filter down to customers at this point.

Last modified on 12 November 2012
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