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China slams Western ideas of copyright problems

by on12 November 2012

We actually pay the most

The bloke in charge of fighting copyright piracy in China said that the Western media were creating a poor global image of the problem.

Big Content through their paid for government sock puppets have been leaning on China to take a stronger stand against pervasive violations of intellectual property rights. Tian Lipu, head of China's State Intellectual Property Office, said that while his government was doing its best, its efforts were being ignored.

Rather than just being a bad boy, China is the world's largest payer for patent rights, for trademark rights, for royalties, and one of the largest for buying real software. But while China pays the most, people rarely talk about this, but it really is a fact. Chinese government offices, banks, insurance companies, and firms use real software.

Tian said that if companies like Apple  were so worried by piracy they would never choose China for their production bases.

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