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Apple's App Store crashes

by on16 November 2012

Genius of notworking

Apple's claim to app store superiority took a bad turn yesterday when it went down like Kim Kardashian on her way to a Marine club ball.

Needless to say why it locked millions of users out of its walled garden of delights yesterday.  It's normal approach to a crisis is to stick its fingers in its ears, shout"lah, lah, lah" and  pretend it never happened. For hours users were permitted to browse for apps, but when they clicked on "download" or "update" buttons Apple refused to connect them to the iTunes Store.

The App Store is working now but it does pour cold water on Apple claims to cloud superiority. Apple has spent more than a billion dollars setting up a new state-of-the-art data warehouse which is bigger than anything Google is running. If it can't run its App store without it breaking, these dreams are ssomewhat stuffed.

The problem effected Apple fanboys throughout the world. Of course, Android users were unaffected, along with Windows Phone users. All three of them.

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