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Windows Phone 8 users report issues

by on19 November 2012

Reboots, freezes

Early Windows Phone 8 adopters have already started reporting some problems with their new handsets.

Microsoft and Nokia forums have lit up with complaints from Lumia 920 owners, but HTC 8X users are also reporting problems. Mind you, they don’t sound like trivial issues. Most users are reporting random reboots and freezes. It’s all a bit puzzling, as WP 7.5 was often praised for its stability, although it was not entirely immune to random reboots.

Microsoft, Nokia and HTC are still not commenting on the complaints. It is safe to assume that the issues will be addressed sooner or later, but it’s been a lousy couple of weeks for phone launches.

First Google botched the Nexus launch, then it emerged it sort of forgot the month of December in Android 4.2, and now it turns out Redmond is also facing some nasty problems with its latest OS.

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Last modified on 19 November 2012
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