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Wii Mini is now confirmed

by on27 November 2012

Exclusive to Canada this holiday season

After the rumors broke, Nintendo wasted no time in confirming that the Wii Mini is coming. The revised Wii console will be exclusive to Canada this holiday season and carry a $99 price tag.

The Wii Mini, as the name implies, is smaller than the original Wii system, but it does leave out a few features from its big brother version of the console. The Wii Mini unit will arrive on dealer shelves in Canada on December 7th, and the Canadian version will be sold in a matte black finish with a red border; it will include a red Wii Remote Plus with a red Nunchuk. It is said to work with the majority of Wii accessories and no other game will be included in the Wii Mini bundle.

The Wii Mini does sacrifice a few features to make the small form factor and price point. The Wii Mini is designed to play Wii games exclusively, so it features no backward compatibility to play GameCube titles. A bigger surprise is that it offers no WiiWare of Virtual console abilities, which means it has no Internet access support. Buyers will be restricted to the 1,400 Wii titles that Nintendo claims are available for the Wii.

While Nintendo says that the Wii Mini will be exclusive to Canada this holiday season, our sources tell us to expect Nintendo to offer the console in other regions after the 1st of the year. It is difficult to say which regions Nintendo will offer the Wii Mini in, but our sources tell us that inventory and availability of the original Wii console will likely have a lot to do with where Nintendo elects to see the console next.

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