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Apple sacks Maps manager

by on28 November 2012

Who didn’t see that coming?

Apple has shown another manager the door over the highly publicized iOS6 Maps debacle.

According to Bloomberg, Rich Williams was sacked by Apple VP Eddy Cue and he joins former iOS software boss Scott Forstall, who got his pink-slip after it emerged that he refused to sign an apology in the wake of the Maps rollout.

Williams oversaw the development of iOS Maps, so his departure comes as no surprise. However, it is still difficult to understand how only two men in the organization could have botched the rollout so badly. They probably had some input in the strategic decision to ditch Google Maps, but such a decision probably could not have been made without a blessing from the top.

Bloomberg reports that Cue is now seeking advice from mapping experts outside the company and pressuring TomTom to fix its landmark and navigation data, but that will take time, a lot of time.

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