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Aussie coppers warn Apple Maps could kill you

by on10 December 2012

From well off motorist to dingo bait in a few wrong turns

Apple’s mapping debacle seems to be going from bad to worse. Apple Maps have been a source of ridiculous memes and sarcastic comments for weeks now, stretching from 9GAG to The Onion, but Australian police believe the inaccuracy of Apple Maps is no laughing matter.

On Monday, police in Victoria issued a warning in an effort to discourage motorists from using the app. The warning came after several people became stranded in the wilderness following Apple directions and getting lost in the outback is a bit more serious than being unable to find a Starbucks in Southern California. [Like anyone needs maps for that. Ed]

Six Aussie motorists were stranded in a national park, some 43 kilometers from their desired destination, CNET reports. The problem? Well for some reason Apple Maps seem to believe the town of Mildura is 70 kilometers away from its actual location and that would be considered a miss even by 8th Airforce standards in 1944.

So instead of driving straight to Mildura, Apple fans ended up in a park national with no water supply and temepratures hitting 46 degrees Celsius, or 115 Fahrenheit. Fortunately, they could at least use their iPhones to dial emergency services.

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