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Zotac ZBOX Nano XS AD11 Plus reviewed

by on10 December 2012


Temperatures, noise and power consumption

As you can see from the CPUID Hardware Monitor screenshot below, the APU works at anywhere between 15 and 60 degrees Celsius, while the graphics part goes from 30 to 76 degrees Celsius.


The temperatures are quite understandable as due to its small size, the entire system is cooled by a single, relatively thin blower-style cooler that is in contact with both the E-450 APU and the A50M chipset. As you can see the fan, when set to work in smart mode in BIOS, spins anywhere between 2400 RPM and 4400RPM. Even at its highest 4400RPM value that we have seen, you can only hear it if you get close to it as it surprisingly does not produce a high-pitch sound that is characteristic of small fans.

Of course, bear in mind that these high values for both temperature and fan speed are achieved under full load and extensive benchmarking and it is highly unlikely that you’ll ever see those in normal usage.

Power consumption is pretty decent as according to our measurement it draws about 0.5W in standby, 12 to 14W in idle and up to 29W under full load. 


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