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Centrino 2 to be in 66 percent notebooks in Q4 2008

by on15 May 2008


That is Intel’s agenda

Intel has some bold plans for Montevina, a platform that will be renamed to Centrino 2 on the 3rd of June.

Montevina with a 45 nm Core 2 Duo Penryn processor will launch in late Q2 or on June 3rd and Intel plans that 19 percent of its notebooks in Q2 will ship with Montevina and Core 2 Duo 45nm mobile CPU. In Q3 Intel is aiming for a whopping 45 percent market share, while at the end of the year Intel plans that 66 percent of all notebooks it ships in the pre-Xmas shopping spree will have Core 2 Penryn-based CPUs.

In Q4 Intel plans that there will be six percent more Penryn-based CPUs in Santa Rosa refresh, upping the 45nm market share to an impressive 72 percent.

The rest of the mobile market in Q4 will be based on the good old 65nm Merom core.

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