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EA to pull plug on sports titles

by on02 January 2013

Servers again to be shut down

Electronic Arts has made its announcement, which seems like a yearly thing by now, of the games that will see its servers shut down. This time around the list includes the majority of the 2011 released sports titles as well as the Sims 2. Of course, the games are still playable, they have just lost their online abilities.

On January 3rd , FIFA Manager 11 for the PC and then we move to January 11th where EA will shut down the online servers for FIFA Soccer 11, FIFA Soccer 11 Ultimate Team, Madden 11 and its Ultimate Team, NBA Jam, NBA Live 10, NCAA 11, NHL 11, and NHL 11 Ultimate Team. EA will finish the month by pulling the plug on the Sims 2 on January 14th, followed by Trenches 2 for iOS that will lose its online servers on January 19th.

Perhaps the two most interesting decisions for EA to pull the plug on are NBA Live 10 and NBA Jam. With the servers going away for NBA Live 10, that effectively ends EA’s online basketball offerings, as the company has not released a new NBA Live game in two years.

The decision to pull the plug on NBA Jam is a bit more puzzling. The game was offered as a disc release, then followed up with a more full featured release as a digital download later called NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. The On Fire Edition added a number of new features and what might be called a more complete NBA Jam experience than the first disc release. EA claims that when the players drop below 1% it is time to pull the plug. Players who want the online experience will be forced to upgrade to the On Fire Edition if they have not purchased it already.

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