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Desperate thieves hit Apple Paris store

by on02 January 2013

Unable to spot the difference between value and price

Apple goods have now become so expensive that they are being seen by desperate thieves as worth an armed robbery. Jobs’ Mob’s Cathedral of for the Terminally Shallow in Paris has been knocked over by people carrying guns.

The logic for the attack was that an Apple store is a soft target. Not only is it packed full over expensive toys but it is also full of people who will go into a corner and cry if someone says a rude word at them. We would have thought the need for guns would have been over the top and the entire store could be robbed with the threat of a wedgie. 

According to Paris coppers, the thieves raided the store on New Year's Eve and took thousands of euros worth of goods. It is not clear if the police meant shelf price or actual value. Thousands of euros worth of stock could have been a couple of iphones in terms of shelf price, in terms of actual value they would have had to have emptied the whole shop. The robbery took place at about 9 pm three hours after closing time at one of Apple's flagship stores behind the Paris Opera. The police official declined to comment on reports the thieves walked away with about $1.32 million) of loot, saying the company was still evaluating the loss.

Christophe Crepin from the police union UNSA told reporters four masked and armed individuals forced their way into the shop and afterwards escaped in a van. Most of the police were watching the Champs Elysees for New Year's Eve celebrations, so the robbers knew they would not be bothered. Goodness knows what they will do with all that Apple gear, given that it is out of fashion now.

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