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360 Minecraft breaks 5 million sold

by on04 January 2013

Almost 500K on Christmas Day alone

It seems that no matter what you might have thought, Minecraft just continues to break records. The latest sales record that it has set is over five million copies sold. That’s right, the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft has sold five million copies as of December 31st, 2012 and the sales continue to grow.

This includes the almost 500K copies that the game sold on Christmas day alone to Xbox 360 owners. While we have yet to put all of these numbers in context, it is by far the best selling Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade title release so far.

Developer 4J Studios, who is responsible for the conversion of Minecraft to the Xbox 360 platform, is currently working on swatting some bugs in Update 7 as it works on getting Update 8 ready for release. Currently, 4J does not have a timetable on when Update 8 will be released, but we suspect that it will not be long.

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