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Jelly Bean adoption rate passes 10 percent

by on04 January 2013

Gingerbread finally under 50 percent

Here’s some good news for the Android gang. Jelly Bean adoption has finally passed 10 percent, while the number of Android devices running Gingerbread has finally dropped under 50 percent.

Of course, while we are seeing some progress, Android is still plagued by fragmentation and slow update rates. Gingerbread (2.3) launched more than two years ago, yet it is still the dominant OS. ICS is powering 29.1 percent of Android devices, which is hardly a great result since it was introduced 15 months ago.

What’s more, 9 percent of all Android users are still stuck with Froyo (2.2). Worse, Android 4.2 is currently found on just 1.2 percent of all devices, thanks to fellow Nexus users. So here’s a simple tip – if you want the latest OS version, just don’t buy non-Nexus devices. (Good thing the Nexus 4 isn’t facing any availability issues. Ed)

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