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Apple denies possibility of low-cost iPhone

by on11 January 2013

Schiller says company not interested

Once again, Apple has had to fend off the rumors that the company is working on a low-cost iPhone. Apple’s CEO told the Shanghai Evening News that the company isn’t interested in making cheap, low-profit products.

The speculation has been fueled in part by the release of the iPad Mini after the company had denied that it would move into that tablet space with a cheaper unit. Speculation that Apple is looking to offer a second smaller model of iPhone, or an iPhone Mini if you will, seems not something the company is looking to do. After all, Apple has been famous for marketing a 16GB previous generation iPhone as its introductory model.

Still, sources tell us that all of the talk is just a smoke screen and Apple is really planning another iPhone offering that will arrive later this year. This model is said to be targeted to countries such as China and Brazil where a lower priced offer would be helpful. While the new device would not be free with a new contract, it would be far cheaper than what it costs for an iPhone now. The move is believed to be necessary to help stop the growth of Android devices in this market space.

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