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Sanity prevails on smartphone market

by on16 January 2013

Samsung march continues

The great marketing demons of Apple seem to have abandoned the company as its rival Samsung gives the company a good kicking.

ChangeWave Research has been tracking smartphone buying intentions for the past four years and it has tracked the growth of Apple during that time. With every new iPhone starting with the 4 the iPhone purchase intention has been higher than the previous version.  However, suddenly that is no long the case.  One quarter after a new iPhone has been introduced has been the greatest for the iPhone 5 with a 19 point drop vs. 11 points for the 4S, 13 points for the 4 and 8 points for the 3GS.

It is not all bad news for Jobs’ Mob Apple is still has almost a 2.5x higher purchase intention against Samsung.  But there are signs that things are changing dramatically. Samsung’s result was even greater in the December quarter than the June quarter when the Galaxy SIII became available.  Also the percentage of people who are planning on purchasing Samsung has increased over four times from just five per cent in the September 2011 quarter to 21 per cent in the December 2012 quarter.

The news is also bleak for Nokia, Microsoft, RIM or any another smartphone player to make major inroads in the North America market.

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