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Dell bets on Ophelia

by on17 January 2013

Oh, what a noble mind is here o'erthrown

Tin box shifter Michael Dell is betting heavily that a new project called Ophelia might give his outfit another renaissance.

OK he did not pick the greatest of names. Ophelia was the doomed princess in Shakespeare’s Hamlet who went mad and drowned herself. However Ophelia is a USB-size self-contained computer which is quite interesting. It is claimed that it can provide access to virtually every major operating system via the cloud.

It works like a USB port which you plug it into any flat panel monitor or TV and creates you a computer. It can also connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and can link to keyboards and other peripherals via Bluetooth. The hardware runs on Android which deals with all the necessary local tasks such as decoding and encoding audio and video.  It also only needs 2.1 watts of power.

Dell plans to sell Ophelia cheaply starting at $50 and he will pocket $25 on each one.  It could really take off if Dell puts the infrastructure behind it.

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