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North Korea lets tourists make international cell calls

by on21 January 2013

In related news, there are tourists in North Korea

The Glorious Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is now allowing tourists to hold onto their capitalist cellphones if they choose to visit the hermit kingdom.

A Koryolink technician told Chinese news agency Xinhua that tourists can now make international calls with WCDMA phones if they pick up a SIM card for €50 and register the phone’s IMEI with customs officials. However, the cards won’t let tourists make local calls and they do not offer mobile internet access. Small steps.

However, we are not entirely convinced that the move will attract many foreign tourists, and for that matter, hard currency. Picking North Korea as a holiday destination sounds rather adventurous, if not outright risky. Caribbean cruise operators have nothing to fear, as there’s only a limited number of anti-globalist, anti-American nuts who would visit the DPRK rather than the Caribbean, south of France, Greece or Croatia.

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