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Fundamentalists shut down Egypt’s past

by on23 January 2013

Hacking against reality

Desperate to stop Egyptians finding out about their glorious pagan past, a group of hackers have taken it upon themselves to censor sites dedicated to Ancient Egyptian history.

Egyptology sites edited by Kate Phizackerly and others, notably the KV64 news blog, on discoveries in the Valley of the Kings, and their new project, the Egyptological magazine have been taken offline. Initially what appears to have happened is that Islamic radical hacker cells are worried that Egyptians will forget all about Islam and revert back to worshipping Thoth, Osiris and other deities.

Logically, if you are a religious fundamentalist the best way to stop this threat to their religion is to silence scientific study of Egypt’s glorious past and people will forget all about it. They will wonder what those pyramids are doing outside Cairo, but will probably think they are just odd shaped hills.  

Officially the hackers are not saying much and certainly have not made a link to their attacks and their religion. Indeed they somehow claim that the Egyptology sites are a form of political threat which is even sillier. It is unlikely that Egypt will want to worship their politicians again and such sites could hardly encourage that.

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