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Rumors that NeoGeo X is discontinued are wrong

by on25 January 2013

Only the Gold Limited Edition version is going to be

Recent rumors that the NeoGeo X is discontinued are apparently incorrect. Tommo, who is the manufacturer of the NeoGeo X, wants to make sure that they set the record straight. The Gold Limited Edition version of the NeoGeo X with the free copy of Ninja Masters is being discontinued; but buyers should be able to find the unit at retailers till at least April.

The final run of the Gold Limited Edition version of the NeoGeo X is being manufactured and will then hit distributors, but Tommo does not expect them to last very long based on the popularity of the NeoGeo X format.

Tommo confirms that plans for the release of more games, peripherals, and more console hardware are coming. In addition, more software updates are in development now and will be released soon. Tommo wants buyers not to panic as progress will continue.

The biggest thing that buyers seem to want is an announcement when they can expect more games to arrive for the console. The release of Ninja Masters with the Gold Limited Edition on a game card has fueled fans to want to know more about the upcoming software release schedule; and while sources confirm to us that more titles are coming, the actual release schedule is still in the planning stages. Rumors do suggest that owners will see a system software update before an announcement of new titles is released.

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