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Bleszinski return is very likely

by on25 January 2013

Will be with new studio of his own

Has a Cliff Blezinski return watch started? Many think so, based on his recent comments to VentureBeat, but he appears in no hurry to do so since his departure from Epic back in October.

Blezinski, when he returns to triple-A title development, with likely be with a new studio he has founded and will have at least a significant ownership stake. Still, he is apparently in no hurry to move forward till he has the right people; and don’t look for his new studio to be a big studio. Instead, it will likely be a small independent studio when it does start to ramp up.

Sources claim that Blezinski has been talking to a number of people in the industry, but so far he remains cautious, as it is apparently his belief that the industry is in a state of flux as evidenced by much of what we are seeing happen. Whispers suggest that Blezinski has already heard a number of pitches from publishers eager to work with him and replicate the success he has had in the past.

Experts that we have spoken with expect Bleszinski to be back sooner, rather than later. As one analyst told us, “Cliffy-B has a proven track record and publishers, of course, like that; but with the new consoles coming out soon, the timing could not be better and we suspect he will have to choose from a number of options before he decides on what he wants to do. Look for it to be exceptional because I suspect that he has ideas floating around in his head for a number of titles that he has wanted to make for a long time.”

Read CliffyB’s comments to VentureBeat here.


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