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Logitech to get out of console accessories

by on28 January 2013

PC gaming offerings to remain unchanged

Logitech has announced that it will be exiting the gaming console accessory business after a very unkind third quarter in its fiscal 2013. The move is part of what can only be described as a restructuring at Logitech that will see some divisions at the company scaled back, others eliminated completely, and some that will remain unchanged.

While the company is exiting the gaming console business, it has decided that it will continue unchanged in the PC gaming business. This is not really that big of a surprise, as the company has always done very well in the PC gaming business and a good majority of the products in that line carry high price tags and provide the company with better and more competitive margins. Those that have recently purchased any gaming console product from Logitech should not worry, as they will honor warranties on these products and continue to take care of these customers until the warranties expire.

One other interesting decision of note is that the company is looking to sell off its Harmony remote control business. It is yet unknown what will happen to the Harmony division, but we suspect that the company will find a buyer and it will continue with a new owner. Most recently, Logitech released the Harmony Touch, which was the company’s first real attempt at a handheld next generation remote to replace the high-end Harmony model. One thing that has seemed to have a negative impact on the Harmony products is the use of iPad/Tablet and Smartphone competitors that have seemed to slice into the advanced remote market space; these have had far more impact that many could have imagined.

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