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PoV/TGT Midas Force PowerPack 12000mAh reviewed

by on01 February 2013


The packaging is sturdy and you can see the device through the clamshell plastics. For some reason the packaging states that the PowerPack MF-1200 (PowerPack 12000) is compatible with HTC Android phones, but of course it is compatible with all other smartphones as well, provided you choose the right connector.

The bundle includes:

USB to Micro-USB cable (length: 75 cm),
USB to hollow-plug cable (length: 75 cm),
Micro USB adapter,
Mini USB adapter,
Nokia adapter,
iPad/iPhone adapter,
Samsung Galaxy Tab adapter,
Samsung phone adapter.

You will also get velvet pouch that is practical for keeping all the bits in one place. It’s a neat touch.


Last modified on 01 February 2013
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