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PoV/TGT Midas Force PowerPack 12000mAh reviewed

by on01 February 2013


TGT’s Midas Force PowerPack 12000 can be used to charge a wide variety of mobile devices, from tablets and smartphones to mobile gaming consoles or even smart cameras. Yes, we expect smart cameras will take off, and just like smartphones, they will be more power hungry than ordinary compact cameras.

Even if you use it to charge a high-end tablet with a 8000mAh battery, the Midas will do the trick. As we said, it could fully recharge a 1650mAh phone five to six times. The build quality is top notch and it feels really durable. It’s not too bulky or too heavy either and with a battery capable of surviving 500 charge cycles, it should last for years. Our only complaint in this department is the one-year warranty. It’s just not enough in this day and age.

Midas Force PowerPack 12000 is listed at as low as €70, but the cheapest available unit we could find cost €98. It is no bargain, but there really isn’t that much competition out there. If you can afford a ton of gadgets, you can afford a power pack as well. It all depends on your needs and habits. Since it could last for years, it might be a clever, since it will charge all your gear. Buying replaceable phone batteries or proprietary camera batteries with each new product generation will cost more.

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