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Tegra 4 is in new HTC phone

by on29 January 2013

M7 or something else

Many people are already claiming that HTC’s M7 is the successor of the company’s highly acclaimed One X and X+ and with that in mind it would be logical to HTC’s next generation flagship to have Nvidia’s next generation chip inside.

We cannot confirm it at this time and we don’t know whether the M7 is HTC’s Tegra 4 phone, but we can confirm that Nvidia has won a design win for a future phone from HTC. It is coming in the next few months, but other than that, we don’t know much.

We expect this phone will show its face at the Mobile World Congress in roughly a month from today, but it’s also quite clear that it won’t start shipping right away, as Tegra 4 is just entering mass production. It takes some time to ramp up the volume and stamp out enough chips.

Reports that Nvidia partners might tap NV reference designs for their own tablets and later even phones sound logical from Nvidia’s point of view, but won’t be welcomed by its long term supporters like LG and HTC. Such a move would increase competition and drive down prices.

We are not sure how the new phone will be branded but we expect to see a full HD screen, just like the one we saw on the HTC Butterfly and it has been rumored that the M7 comes with full HD 1920x1080 screen as well.

The bottom line, we can confirm that flagship phone based on Tegra 4 is coming from the house of HTC. We’re just not sure whether it’s the M7.

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