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Surface Pro gives you less than you pay for

by on29 January 2013

Microsoft admits that you lose nearly half your space

Software giant Microsoft has admitted that its new Surface Pro will be giving punters a lot less hard-drive space than they expect.

Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet is due to launch with a headline-grabbing 128GB of storage space, but it looks like you will only have 83GB of room for users' files. The problem is that the tablet will use a full version of Windows 8 which takes up some of the 128GB capacity and then there are some pre-installed applications leaving just 83GB of user-accessible space to store files.

To be fair to Microsoft 83GB is more than most other tablets but it is still a big drop of 35 per cent compared to the figures shown in Microsoft's advertising. Of course this is being seized on by the Tame Apple press which wants desperately to get its favourite company back on track.

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