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Facebook is the new red light district

by on31 January 2013

Whores d'oeuvre

Facebook is fast turning into a red light district and prostitutes and escort agencies create hundreds of unrestricted pages on Facebook.

As you might expect many of the pages include explicit photographs, descriptions of services alongside phones numbers, addresses and prices. This is causing problems amongst those who think that the world’s oldest profession should not exist.  They have also rattled off the usual “what about the children” fears.  Apparently children, who would be illegally on Facebook anyway, could friend a prostitute and learn that sex is not really about birds and bees after all.

Facebook has removed dozens of the pages after being contacted by The Times newspaper, which apparently had nothing better to do than go through shedloads of Facebook pages looking for prostitutes. Twitter is another site where such postings are prominent, but under the company’s rules, content would need to be illegal to be considered in breach of its terms and conditions.

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