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Vicious Android Malware surfaces in China

by on01 February 2013

Expect it soon

Some rather nasty malware, designed to stuff up Android devices, has tipped up in China. Uncovered by NQ Mobile, the "Bill Shocker" (a.expense.Extension.a) virus has hit  620,000 users in China and is expected to be seen in the West soon.  

The Bill Shocker is an SDK designed by malware developers that infects several of the most popular apps in China, including Tencent QQ Messenger and Sohu News. The infected versions of these apps are further distributed by third-party online app stores and retail installation channels.

It downloads in the background, without arousing the mobile device owner's suspicion. The infection can then take remote control of the device, including the contact list, Internet connections and dialling and texting. It turns the phone into a "zombie," and sends text message to the profit of advertisers. In many cases, the threat will overrun the user's bundling quota, which subjects the user to additional charges, which is why it is dubbed “bill shocker.”

Because Bill Shocker can be used to send costly messages remotely, NQ Mobile believes it poses a serious threat to Android users. NQ Mobile has issued a fix and alerted Chinese mobile carriers of the threat to prevent its further spread.

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