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Secrets of the Wii U GPU finally known

by on06 February 2013

Chipworks provides necessary photography

The reverse engineering specialists at Chipworks became aware of an effort to reveal the secrets inside the Nintendo Wii U in the NeoGAF form. A collection was even being taken up to get high-quality photography so that the secrets of the AMD GPU inside the Wii U could finally be revealed to all. Upon hearing about this, Chipworks donated super highly magnified photos of the inside of the GPU of the Wii U to finally end the controversy.

While some of what has been figured out is nothing more than conclusions based on the evidence of the pictures, we believe that it would hard to argue with what has been revealed. We already know from what has been said in the past that the GPU was based on the AMD RV770, or the Radeon HD 4xxx series cards, if you like, with some enhancements.

From the Chipworks photos it appears that the GPU in the Wii U has 320 stream processors with 16 texture mapping units and it features 8 ROPs. This puts the Wii U GPU akin to the Radeon HD 4650/4670, which is about what we guessed all along. Despite some creative talk, the design isn’t anything more exotic, but it can deliver visuals that are on par with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 without issue.

If you want to dig deeper into the findings you can read more here.

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