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Jelly Bean adoption hits 13.6 percent

by on06 February 2013

Gingerbread still on 45 percent of devices

Google’s new Platform Versions numbers are out and they show a significant increase in Jelly Bean adoption.

A total of 13.6 percent of all Android devices currently run on the two latest versions, Jelly Bean 4.1 and 4.2. Ice Cream Sandwich has apparently peaked at 29 percent and probably won’t see much growth.

However, the vast majority of Android devices are still on Gingerbread. The two-year-old OS commands a 45 percent share. A total of 8.1 percent of devices still have Froyo and there are even a number of Android devices on Éclair and Donut.

Android 5.0, reportedly codenamed Key Lime Pie, is expected to launch in a few months, probably at Google’s I/O event. However, even when it does show up, Gingerbread will still be the dominant version and this probably won’t change before 2014.

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