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Intel tightens belt in Europe

by on06 February 2013

Pay freeze possible, vacancies left unfilled

Chipmaker Intel has apparently started to cut costs on all levels, following a steep decline in Q4 profits and income.

The company is apparently considering pay freezes in the UK, while at the same time exerting pressure on various departments to perform better. An Intel source told Channeleye that there has already been talk of pay freezes and that many vacancies have been open for months. 

“There’s also been more pressure on both [sales and marketing] departments to perform better, which, without the right support and staff count has been hard, but that’s obviously the demons that we have to deal with rather than for the top level staff,” the source said.

What’s more, marketing and sales departments did not get the promised funding, although they were supposed to see an increase in their budgets.

During its earnings call, Intel announced plans to step up R&D and boost capital expenditures in 2013. Apparently Intel plans to siphon part of the cash for the spending binge from other departments.

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