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Bra Wars down-under

by on12 February 2013

Industrial relations consultant made spyware boob

 Industrial relations consultant Grace Collier made a right tit of herself when she stuck spy gear in her bra in a bid to link a blue-collar union to a lengthy picket.

Collier needed to get evidence to prove that the strike was illegally organised by the union so she attended a meeting kitted out with spyware stored in her bra. Seemed like a good idea, to conceal the listening devise in a place that an Aussie man will not be looking at for the entire meeting.

Surprisingly the gear was not spotted and she managed to get a union organiser Tony Mavromatis saying he could make the picket go away if the employers hired local labourers instead of four Filipino workers hired on special visas. But a Federal Court judge after looking very closely at the evidence described as behaviour more akin to a James Bond movie and he was not going to have Pussy Galore in his court room.

Lawyers for the Fair Work Building and Construction inspectorate conceded that one of the recordings Ms Collier made may have breached the law. Justice Shane Marshall said there was an "element" of Collier, an Australian Financial Review columnist, trying to set up Mavromatis.

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