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Obama praises Intel, Apple in State of the Union

by on13 February 2013

Bringing jobs back to the States

US President Barack Obama outlined his second term agenda in his State of the Union Speech last night and he offered some words of praise for tech giants Intel and Apple.

Obama said the priority of his administration in the next four years will be to bring manufacturing jobs back to America, reports CNET.

"Our first priority is making America a magnet for new jobs and manufacturing,” said Obama. “After locating plants in other countries like China, Intel is opening its most advanced plant right here at home. And this year, Apple will start making Macs in America again."

Obama also called for improvements to America’s broken education system, saying good education and training are vital to economic growth. He also urged Congress to address the growing threat from cyber terrorism and develop new standards to protect security and privacy.

Since everything Obama says and does is considered toxic in some fundamentalist circles, Apple and Intel shouldn’t be too happy that they got a nod from the President, but then again angry, white fundies aren’t known for their love of tech and science. They choose to spend their hard earned dollars elsewhere, on stuff that matters, like assault guns and gas guzzling trucks.

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