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Intel plans Web Pay TV in 2013

by on13 February 2013

Launches Intel Media Group

It comes as no surprise that Intel has decided to make a risky move and launch its own web TV service, after months of rumours.

Intel's Erik Huggers is the Corporate Vice President of the new group simply called Intel Media and according to Eric the group has been working in secrecy for a year and a half now. It is a new group with new people a mix of Intel veterans and people from outside companies, like Apple, BBC, Microsoft even Netflix and Google.

The group is developing Intel’s web based television service and Intel thinks it can do a better job than the competition that includes Netflix and Hulu. In case you didn’t get this Intel plans to launch a pay TV service with set top box hardware. The concept behind is instead of paying a cable company users should be able to use Intel's web TV as an alternative. Cable companies would basically become “dump pipes,” providing speedy internet rather than content.

Intel plans a new consumer electronic device partner with Intel chips inside, under a new and undisclosed brand. The box is Intel powered and will have a beautiful industrial design. It looks like Intel plans to deliver internet television the right way.

Intel is working with the entire industry to figure out how to get a proper television experience delivered via the Internet. Intel plans to deliver live television, broadcasts, cable nets as well as catch up television and TV on demand.

Catch up television is what BBC has with its iPlayer. Eric claims that BBC, his previous employer has the whole seven days from all the BBC TV and Radio channels available to over 650 devices. This is a cloud based service that gives users the opportunity to see some shows that they might have missed.

The hardware device, or should we say the "Intel box" should come this year from Intel or Intel retail partners. You can watch a part of AllThingsD’s interview with Eric Huggers here.

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