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Microsoft plans expansion

by on18 February 2013

Fargo getting bigger

While many have written off Microsoft, it appears that the company is still expanding.

The software giant’s south Fargo, is apparently so packed you can’t swing a cat in there, and the plan is to have a campus expansion as early as 2015. Don Morton, Microsoft Fargo site leader, and with projected “significant growth,” two new buildings are being considered.

He told the local press that the buildings are full now, and it is looking for new buildings to lease. But in the long run, it’s better business to build your own rather than to lease and this is why there is an expansion project being worked out. An estimated 900 employees worked at the south Fargo Great Plains Software campus when it was acquired by Microsoft in 2001. That number has since ballooned to 1,800, and is projected to hit 2,700 in the company’s long-range plans, Morton said.

At the moment the only thing that is stopping Microsoft growing like crazy is a lack of trained engineers in the Land of the Free and the fact that the government will not allow more to be imported from foreign parts.

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