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AMD announces more gaming promotions

by on18 February 2013

Never Settle Matrix Reloaded 3

AMD wanted to make things clear with its graphics roadmap for 2013 and it did share some graphics news with the press.

One thing caught our attention when Roy Taylor, Corporate Vice President Global Channel Sales at AMD, mentioned that the Never Settle and Never Settle Reloaded promotion worked really well. He shared the info with a bunch of journalists on a conference call, adding that AMD has some new promotions up its sleeve. He didn't mention any specifics, but he did say that AMD has been working closely with Cryek and he even mentioned that Crytek develops games on Radeons.

Crytek was traditionally close to Nvidia, but since Roy worked as Vice president of developer relations at Nvidia and knew these people really well, he probably pulled some strings and won some of them over.

The fact that AMD won all the consoles helps as well. There is no doubt that this will help gain more popularity for AMD graphics in the developer world. The fact that AMD is willing to spend good money to make its cards more attractive is definitely helping its cause.

Roy also mentioned that Newegg sold out some of these 7900 and 7800 cards, but once we checked today we found that some cards that are linked to these promotions are still available, or they are back in stock. We do believe that AMD will sell much more cards thanks to these promotions and put some additional pressure on Nvidia in the higher end market.

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