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PS4 Triple-A titles will be priced at $60

by on25 February 2013

Rumors of a higher price appear to be inaccurate

Sony seems to believe that the pricing for Triple-A titles on the upcoming PlayStation 4 will stay at $60 at release, which has been the standard day one price for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 titles. While some have suggested that $70 will be the new price point for new PS4 title, that isn’t something that Sony is willing to confirm as correct, at least not yet.

The reason for all of the talk about a price increase from $60 to $70 is simply the cost that it takes to make the latest games and the fact that publishers have raised the bar $10 with each new console introduction; however, it is difficult to see how the market will absorb a price increase of $10 this time around.

While Sony has indicated that they are going to support titles costing from $.99 to $60, as well as free to play titles on the PlayStation 4, SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton told CNBC that, “People are willing to play if they see value there, and I think there is more choice than ever before for games.”

Our sources tell us that the $70 possible price increase issue has been decided, and at least out of the gate it isn’t happening; but later on in the cycle who knows what is possible.

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