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Blackberry 10 selling better than expected

by on25 February 2013

If you believe the company

Sales of BlackBerry's make-or-break line of smartphones are running faster than expected, and the company has increased production too keep up, according to its CEO Thorsten Heins.

How much you choose to believe Heins is up to you. BlackBerry does not want to publish sales figures for the BlackBerry 10 smartphone “until it has observed the trend in sales a bit longer”, Heins said. “We are above our own expectations and our target was thoroughly ambitious," Heins said, adding that he was checking the sales figures every day.

Despite a number of glowing reviews for the BB10 and reports of strong initial sales, some analysts and technology pundits have been sceptical about BlackBerry's chances of mounting a comeback, doubting its ability to sell enough smartphones.
Most feel that the company was trying to do too little too late with a much delayed phone which is a little out of date.

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