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Microsoft and EA in deal on new console

by on28 February 2013

Details still unclear how the deal will work

Sources are confirming to Fudzilla that a report on CVG is apparently accurate; Microsoft and Electronic Arts have entered into a partnership agreement of some type that will see the publisher provide some exclusive content, or maybe even staggered releases that favor Microsoft’s new console.

While it isn’t exactly clear what the deal will involve, it is not something that is new to Microsoft. They have partnered with publishers before to provide early or timed releases that favor its systems or additional content that is exclusive to Microsoft’s console only. It isn’t clear what the deal might include.

Whispers have suggested that the deal could perhaps involve either DICE’s Battlefield 4, or maybe the yet to be announced Respawn Entertainment title that we now know we will be hearing about for the first time at E3. Still, we suspect that it could be a more far reaching deal that involves a few things; and this seems to be the likely outcome.

While EA was not a part of Sony’s press conference for the PS4, it has since confirmed that it is supporting the platform and plans to release titles for the system. EA has yet to confirm what those titles might be, but we expect it to hear more about this at the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Next event and word is that the announcement will be big.

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