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AMD working on HD 7600 card

by on28 February 2013

Carpe Verde based

Most Radeon HD 7750 cards are based on the Cape Verde Pro core clocked at around 800MHz+ and they sell for about 100 euro, or dollars. This hasn’t changed for quite some time, and these cards are welling well, but still some people could go for a card that cost slightly less than 90 to 100 euro or USD.

AMD now has a plan to introduce a new card based on the same core but slightly lower specification. The card should end up branded as 7600 series, most likely 7650. In some regions such as Russia it will launch as the HD 7730, as this was one of the names in circulation. It will be lower clocked and possibly slightly underspec’d version of the Radeon HD 7750 card.

This card is based on rejected SKUs that do not run well enough to be branded and supported as 7750 parts. This won’t be the first time AMD or Nvidia took such an approach and it will help them clear the inventory in preparation for Radeon 8000 series products.

AMD has also been missing out on the 50 to 90 USD /EUR market, where Nvidia has the Geforce GT 630 and 640 respectively. AMD wants a piece of that market as well and probably increase its overall graphics market share at the same time. There is nothing better than telling your investors that you have increased your market share, including the low end. In case you can make some money in the process, even better.


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