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Apple promises to innovate

by on28 February 2013

We can’t rely on patent trolling any longer

Patent troll, Apple has admitted that its tactic of suing people who use rounded rectangles is not really helping its bottom line and it might have to invent something new.

For a while now Apple has been making cosmetic changes to its products, normally by adding software like Siri and Apple Maps which do not work. Meanwhile it has been trying to sue rivals into a coma by claiming it invented almost every piece of phone technology since the bean can and a piece of string. As a result shares in Apple have slumped by more than a third since September over concerns about the company's ability to keep innovating amid increased competition from the likes of Samsung.

CEO Tim Cook admitted to the Apple's annual meeting in Cupertino that he did realise that there was a bit of competition out there. He said that Apple was working on "new categories" for products, Mr Cook said. Of course he didn’t say what, that would spoil the endless hours of speculation about what Jobs Mob might make in the Tame Apple Press.

One rumour is that Apple is developing a watch exactly like the one that Samsung already unveiled. If this is the new device he is talking about then it just means that Jobs’ Mob is just going to steal another idea and market it to bits until everyone thinks it invented it. Just like the MP3 player and the tablet.

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