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Microsoft plans three monthly Office updates

by on04 March 2013

Users will love it

Microsoft has worked out a way to make business users become really pissed off with its flagship product -- Office 365.

Kurt Delbene, the president of Microsoft’s Office division has announced that the outfit is going to release updates every three months. He thinks that the quick updates should make subscribing to Office 365 more appealing to consumers. Office 2013 could also be updated quarterly as well, but he did say that it’s possible.

But DelBene stated that the updates will get into a routine of a “major-minor cadence”. In otherwords some updates will just bring new features, while others will include more “aggressive” changes. Delbene stated that the updates will “get into the short cycle where we can add more features, but then we’ll have a longer cycle where we really have to intensively change underpinnings of the services.”

While faster updates will appeal to consumers, especially since most consumers want quick, and rapid updates to their products, whether its their smartphones, tablets, software, and more. It will be a major headache to businesses that will not be happy having to upgrade their systems that often.

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