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Samsung explains why it makes plasticky phones

by on06 March 2013

Shocker, they are cheap to build

The Galaxy S4 launch is just days away and it appears that Samsung will not change its design philosophy, which means we are probably in for another plastic flagship.

Y.H. Lee, Samsung mobile business executive VP, told CNET that the company carefully selects the materials used in its handsets, weighing production costs, aesthetic quality of the device and efficiency of volume production. Small wonder then that Samsung tends to opt for plastics across its Galaxy range.

Lee also noted that Samsung has to consider the durability of its handsets, which tend to be quite big and feature removable back covers. Since the latter don’t really work that well with fancy materials, Samsung uses light, flexible and durable plastic covers.

Samsung is one of few smartphone makers that still offers removable covers in high end devices. Many have already dropped them, and it the process they eliminated memory card slots and user-removable batteries. Most consumers don’t seem to mind, as such an approach allows for a bit more rigid phone and a better finish. It is a fair tradeoff for some consumers and it's a matter of personal preference, or taste.

According to CNET, Samsung has also discussed the pros and cons of its removable back cover approach. However,it is more than likely that we will keep seeing them on Samsung phones for years to come.

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